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Studio Stroll !  Ride the Trolley for Free
Sara Moser "Lettng Go", 20x16 in
Sara Moser at Riverside Studios

Stop by Riverside Studios during the River Arts District Second Saturday special events and ride the Trolley  from Downtown Asheville and around the River Arts District for Free.

Trolley Ride 12 -6 pm

June 8, 11 am-5 pm

Who am I, Who Are We?


“An Emergence” Exhibit Opening at Riverside Studios

Sara Moser’s oil paintings of places, things and creatures will be the focus of this months Second Saturday at Riverside Studios. Sara’s painting “Letting Go” is inspired by the miracle of a butterfly emerging. The emergence of a butterfly is a journey through Metamorphosis, a transformation in four stages, egg, larva, pupa and finally a butterfly.

Each of our seven artists will approach this subject in their own way, working in oil, acrylics, mixed media and papier mâché.

Our beautiful old building, located on the corner of West Haywood Street and Riverside Drive, dates back to the 1890’s and has its origin in the early industrial days of the River Arts District.

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