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  Deanna Chilian

Deanna Chilian

Contact: 720-46-5001


     paintng and drawing

We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.

--Thich Nhat Hanh



I believe that art-making requires a certain degree of risk, trust, and the emotional courage to lay oneself open, as does any relationship worth having. What I've discovered to be the crux in the evolution of my painting is my ability to find a place of inner stillness, then allow the conversation to begin in the form of color, line, edge, texture, layering and flow. The phrase that comes to me when I put words to a theme is “betwixt and between”, and my intention is for the painting to be both a contemplation and exploration of the mysteries great and small that infuse my life. Ghost images of other lifetimes, snippets of memory and flashes of dreams unremembered surface, each contributing to the story being spun on the canvas.  I keep painting, pursuing that tantalizing sense of completion, of wholeness, of pure connection that eludes me, like the heat shimmer on a summer highway keeping its perfect distance. There’s a scene early on in the movie The Matrix, when Trinity and Neo first meet. “It’s the question that drives us”, she whispers to him. I believe we each have our own question that is also a fragment of a universal question. I paint as a means of visually exploring my connection to Limitlessness.

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